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To view the price quotation choose a type of curtain, then select a tissue type, a top and a bottom.

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Curtain type

Please choose Modern or Classic and adjust the size of your curtain, then click FORWARD. Modern will just let you choose an embroidered frame, while CLASSIC will give you more creative options.


Select the fabric for your curtain, based on colour and composition, then click FORWARD.


Now select the kind of top to apply to your curtain, then click FORWARD. The top will depend on how you wish to hang your curtain.


Now select the bottom style, according to your taste, then click FORWARD.


Now if you wish, you may optionally add a classic embroidered frame, we call it AJOURE. Then click FORWARD

Embroidered frame (5mm)

Now you may choose a single or double frame (5mm), made in coloured or neutral satin. After that, you’re done! You can add this curtain to your cart

Embroidered Design

You’re almost done! Now you can select an embroidered design that will be placed in the middle of the tent. Note: real proportions may differ from the preview: the size of the embroidered design will be they will depend on the size of your curtains. We’ll take care of that! After your selection, click FORWARD.
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  • Modern
  • Classic

You may adjust the size of your curtain using the sliders, or just insert the values in the text box.

 Total Height: cm.

 Total Width: cm.

Table tissues cost summary based on the size.
20-50 cm 51-75 cm 76-100 cm 101-150 cm
50-120 cm € 53.00 € 56.00 € 60.00 € 71.00
121-240 cm € 68.00 € 73.00 € 78.00 € 92.00
241-300 cm € 73.00 € 80.00 € 85.00 € 105.00
Including the basic package (top and bottom vein weight pocket).
Base vein in the upper door weight pockets on the bottom and side edges of 2.5 cm x classical tent
Top pocket vein base port in the lower weight and lateral edges of 5.0 cm x modern tendon
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