How to store embroidered garments


The proper preservation of embroidered garments is very important, especially for those that are stored for a long time in drawers and wardrobes.

The pieces which instead are used infrequently require, for their good preservation, some precautions:

  • • they have to be folded without using the iron;
  • • after ironing, they must be left to "rest" so they dry perfectly;
  • • they should never be put in bags of nylon, although it is believed that they may remain more protected from dust this way, because with temperature changes, moisture can form inside the bags, producing spots of mold;
  • • they should rather be wrapped in sheets of white paper or a thin cloth; if you have enough space, you can use cardboard rolls;
  • • coloured boxes should be avoided, since with moisture they can lose color and stain the cloth;
  • • drawers and wardrobes should be opened regularly for air exchange: in such cases it is better to stretch out and change the fold of the tissues before storing them again.